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ROMULUS Project Workshop

On Friday, October 30, 2009, 9-13, held in Iorga Hall (hall 18, first floor, Romexpo), the exhibition TIB 2009 and Inventika 2009 , was organized by ICI in colaboration with project partners, workshops the European project FP7 217031ROMULUS – Domain Driven Design and Mashup oriented development based on Open Source Java Metaframework for pragmatic, Reliable and Secure Web development (oriented design pedomeniu (DDD) and development-oriented mashups based on Open Source Java Metaframework for software development Web pragmatic, reliable and safe).


Workshop topic referred to the “promotion of open source technology in order to reduce costs for the development of Web applications and increase their productivity” (<<Open source >> Promotion Technologies in order to reduce the Costs of the Web applications to Increase Their development and productivity “) were presented the following topics:

  1. Romulus. Development made productive
  2. Roma. Technical Introduction
  3. Practical Session:
    1. Combining Mashups and Roma for European Project Management
    2. How Roma helps in creating Social Apps   


The workshop consisted of demonstrations and examples, supported by Luca Garulli (CTO AssetData, Technical Manager of Project ROMULUS), David del Pozo, from Gesfor, Spain coordinator of this project, and Emanuele Tagliaferri, from AssetData, Italy, demonstrations participants, mostly from SMEs, they could run concomitantly with the presenter. The workshop was addressed to Web users, the idea to create and manage business portals in various fields, without resorting to the help of a informatician.