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End of term project “Digital Library System in Cloud Computing”

On 3 April 2007, I.C.I. Bucharest receieved delegation of South Korea. The delegation was composed of Joseph WonheeLee, General Manager LG N-SYS and representatives FutureNuri (Digital Library / Content Management / Web & Portal Services), for the purpose of completing the pilot project “Digital Library of System in Cloud Computing”, developed by the Center for Cooperation Romanian- Korean IT and implemented at the Central University Library “Carol I” – Bucharest.

The purpose of the meeting was the presentation of pilot system to be implemented at the Central University Library “Carol I”, until April 10, 2017. The pilot system was designed and tested in South Korea and is a first step towards implementing a single digital national system library and archives.

 The Pilot Project have 4 categories of deployment:

  • Pilot System for Library Information Display;
  • Pilot System Union Catalog;
  • Pilot System for Library Statistics and
  • System Pilot Integrated for Library Management.

One area of future research and development potential has been identified as “Digital Classes & Digital Universities”, the solutions are already implemented in South Korea and others countries in the Asian region, by the LG N-SYS and its partners.

Another topic of interest was the creation of a Smart House concept in Romania, based on efficiency IoT (Internet of Things) and reducing energy consumption, which could be included in a project eligible for attracting EU funds.