Smart Devices Testing

The team is oriented towards the research - development and testing of integrated systems in the field of central public administration, local and private environment.

Through the experience and specialization of researchers within the department, the applications and equipment from the fiscal field, land transport and communications are developed and tested. Within the implemented projects, integrated IT and communication systems have been developed and tested, which are the basis for the elaboration of normative acts and the implementation of EU directives.

The research and testing laboratories are based on efficient technical infrastructure and are adaptable to the requirements of various national and international ongoing projects and are in a continuous development, being appreciated both on the IT&C market and by the scientific community.

In order to highlight the research and development activity within the department, two services were created within the team:

Smart Devices Testing (TDI)

  • It aims at researching and testing the equipment used in the projects developed and used in the fiscal field, the field of land transport, being in constant contact with the central public authorities that regulate and manage these fields of activity.
  • Upon completion of the research and testing, the equipment is certified in terms of hardware / software to meet all requirements of implementation, security and vulnerabilities and also reliability.

IT&C testing laboratory (Lt IT/Co)

  • The main goal of the research team in this laboratory is to develop and implement new solutions in the field of communications, such as 5G through new business opportunities within IoT, connectivity in automated transport and logistics, media and broadcasting, and also security and public security.
  • Researches and develops studies and solutions on the threats, vulnerabilities and risks identified in the IT&C infrastructures used in the usage of new technologies.

Being a team of young researchers, the collaboration of the two services is in a continuous development in order to successfully implement the ongoing projects.

Through the research projects proposed for implementation, the RND Intelligent Device Testing department has ongoing collaborations with institutions and companies to identify and solve complex problems in the field of IT&C.

The specialists within the department participate in inter-institutional working groups for the transposition of the EU legislation in the field of IT&C, their experience being used by the central public authorities.