Software and Complex Systems Engineering

Short description

Our team addresses a wide range of basic research, applied research and technological development in areas such as: advanced modeling, optimization for high performance computing and decision support, simulation, linear and nonlinear optimization, risk management, optimal and adaptive management, support systems decision making, multicriteria analysis, data analysis (Big Data), artificial intelligence, graph theory, approximation algorithms, NP-hard problems, game theory, computer ecosystems, application security, cloud computing and integrated IT architectures and technologies.

In order to increase the efficiency of research, development and innovation activities, two services have been created within the team, services that are available to our clients:


  • It aims to conduct basic research in areas such as: advanced modeling, linear and nonlinear optimizations, decision support systems and expert systems, large data analysis, algorithms associated with NP-hard problems, graph theory and systems evolution complex.
  • Dissemination of research results in prestigious international scientific journals.


  • It aims to carry out applied research activities, develop customer-oriented applications and innovate IT solutions, using state-of-art IT technologies: service-oriented architectures, enterprise architectures, agile development methodologies, hyper-converged cloud infrastructures, application-level virtualization, intelligent infrastructure and application monitoring (AIOps).
  • Continuous training of programmers and stimulation through involvement in complex projects.

The two services work closely together to achieve the objectives, the ATAI service identifying new problems during the process of technological development and integration, while the MSO service develops solutions at a fundamental level.

Our main activities

  • Develop new algorithms and models for IoT devices. This includes developing algorithms and models for efficient and secure data transmission, predictive maintenance, energy optimization, and more.
  • Use machine learning and data analysis techniques for decision-making. Our team develops new algorithms and models to improve decision-making in areas such as risk management, optimal and adaptive management, support systems decision making, and multicriteria analysis.
  • Develop simulation and optimization models for high-performance computing. This includes developing models to optimize energy consumption, reduce response times, and enhance the overall performance of complex systems.
  • Develop new algorithms and optimization models for complex problems. Our team focuses on developing algorithms and optimization models to address problems that are known to be NP-hard, such as vehicle routing, scheduling, and more.
  • Explore the use of graph theory and game theory for modeling complex systems. Our team uses graph theory and game theory to model complex systems, such as transportation networks, communication networks, and social networks.
  • Explore the use of artificial intelligence by developing new AI models and algorithms that are optimized for specific applications, such is the use of AI for predictive analytics, image and video recognition, medical diagnosis and cybersecurity.

Relevant RDI projects

  • development of IT platforms for large institutional entities;
  • collaboration with institutions and companies for the submission of projects on European and Romanian research and development calls;
  • new solutions to complex problems in current areas of ICT research based on modeling and optimization;
  • new research in modeling and optimization of complex systems with applications in industry, business and cloud computing;
  • CALCULOS - Cloud architecture for an open library of reusable logical functional blocks for optimized systems;
  • Development of new algorithms within the grant won at "Global Challenges in Economics and Computation (GCEC'20)" with the project "Reporting on Online Media Activities: bias News Inference Algorithms (ROMANIA)".