Short description

The team addresses a wide range of applied research and development activities in areas of high interest such as: simulation, data analysis, graph theory, approximation algorithms, risk management, mobile applications, application security. A landmark of the research development within this department is the preoccupation for the activities related to technological transfer and capitalization of the research results, materialized in obtaining high standard IT products. The department also carries out a series of activities related to the research and development activity: technical assistance, consultancy, services designed to meet the standards of the information society.

The RoTLD Registry is the official authority that manages .RO top-level domains by creating, implementing, and maintaining software systems, databases, and the infrastructure necessary for .ro to be operational on the Internet. The domain name system is used for any Internet access operation, whether it is Internet browsing, email transmission, orders or online purchases, being a critical component for accessing Internet services.

In 1992, ICI created the first local IP registry (LIR) in Romania that provided Internet connection IP addresses to both its users and other institutions that began to create their own Internet infrastructure. On February 26, 1993, ICI-Bucharest registered with IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) the high-level addressing domain “.ro” on the Internet, thus creating Romania's own identity in the internet addressing space.

ROTLD is member of the CENTR - Council of European National Top-Level Domain Registries, a 55-member organization that manages over 80% of the domain names registered in the world.

Main activities

  • applied research and experimental development;
  • carrying out advanced studies in the IT field;
  • development of software products and services;
  • providing expertise and consultancy in the management and evaluation of ICT systems;
  • promoting appropriate initiatives in the field of ICT, including through multidisciplinary research, to respond to national and European policies, strategies and requirements;
  • optimization of information resources management systems in public administration;
  • ensuring the permanent operation of the .ro domain name system;
  • allocation of IP addresses through the RNC register (LIR);
  • Reverse Addressing administration for the classes of IP addresses allocated through the RNC register;
  • developing collaboration relations with RoTLD Partners and other Domain Registers;
  • use of Agile methodology - an iterative approach for managing software development projects that focus on continuous releases;
  • improving the development of products, applications and services by adopting and implementing modern methods and technologies specific to the field of cloud computing.

Relevant RDI projects

  • Lib2Life – Revitalizing libraries and cultural heritage through advanced technologies;
  • Study on security of communications in smart environments;
  • Integrated Information System for Activity Management (SIIMA);
  • IT solution for administration and management of domain names and DNS address space by the Romanian .ro domain registry and its partners;
  • IT solution for detection and early alerts of anomalies in Internet networks using machine learning models;
  • IT solution for orchestration and automatic monitoring of services, applications and infrastructure associated with .ro domains, in line with the Devops and AIops requirements;
  • IT solution for automatic testing of web services and orchestration of services deployment process;
  • IT solution for the acquisition and processing of journal events on computing machines, applications and electronic services, in order to detect anomalies or specific events.