Communication, Digital Applications and Systems

Short description

Communication, Digital Applications and Systems focuses its activities of applied research, technological development and innovation in the next fields: e-health, e-energy, e-agriculture, e-government, e-culture, e-education, e-industry using IT & Communications. It provides technical assistance / consultancy in the associated fields and analysis and evaluation services for IT systems and solutions.

Interconnected and Interoperable Digital Services

  • elaboration of studies, research and development of innovative solutions and IT applications for e-health, e-energy, e-agriculture, e-government and e-culture;
  • development of e-technologies for prevention and healthcare for a digitized, personalized and collective medicine: services of personalized and proactive monitoring of the elderly and people with disabilities, based on emerging technologies like IoT, Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence; instruments for modeling and prediction of biomedical and public health data; telemedicine and mobile health services; experimental / telecare pilot platforms, integrated in the Smart City environment; affective computing solutions;
  • instruments for numerical processing of biomedical signals (EEG, EKG, MEG etc.) based on time-frequency analysis, analysis of independent components and detection of changes in their dynamics; solutions that sustain the implementation of e-health technologies and applications;
  • development of innovative solutions and IT applications for environment and energy: systems for analysis and processing of data acquired through smart sensors (Smart Metering) using Big Data and Big Data Analytics, smart energy networks (Smart Grid); systems for analyzing and processing data related to Smart Cities; database systems for recording and communication of the information regarding the efficient use of energy and renewable energy sources (RES); IoT, Big Data and Cloud Computing based applications for energy and Smart Cities; interactive educational applications and (electronic) books in the field of energy efficiency and RES;
  • developing of innovative solutions and IT applications for the sustainable development of agriculture: IT systems for controlling and verifying the authenticity of products; food safety systems; applications based on IoT, Big Data and Cloud Computing in agriculture (Smart Agriculture); technologies for streamlining the agricultural process and ensuring production control (Precision Agriculture);
  • elaboration of studies, research and development of innovative solutions and IT applications for education and culture: development and evaluation of digital resources in education; e-learning systems; services for knowledge, research, dissemination of information on national cultural and natural heritage;
  • elaboration of research targeting the necessary support for the Monitoring and Evaluation of SNADR;
  • developing Cloud Computing-based e-government applications for an increased efficiency of the public administration activity.

Communication infrastructures

  • elaboration of studies, research and developments of innovative solutions and advanced communication applications: modeling and configuration of digital communications networks and services as well as equipment for fixed and mobile communications networks; intelligent management through adaptive strategies and dynamic anticipation of the wireless systems operation; studies and research for "Next Generation" mobile communication technologies (5G, 6G and following); efficient management of resources in cognitive radio networks; criteria for analyzing and estimating the performance of fixed, mobile and satellite communications systems; evaluating the performance of the operation algorithms of the advanced communication networks; studies and research in the field of advanced digital broadcasting systems;
  • models and solutions of wireless sensor networks: platforms for the implementation of complex teleservices;
  • elaboration of studies, research and developments of innovative solutions for ensuring security in the communication systems and networks used for applications in the fields of Smart Home and Smart City; development and evaluation of technologies based on multimodal approaches for the implementation of data and communication security functions in IoT-based applications, using advanced tools for data representation, modeling and analysis, techniques based on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, specific Data Science techniques; development and application of new data fusion techniques with applicability in the design and modeling of security systems optimized for IoT environments (applications for smart environments).

Relevant RDI projects

  • Non-invasive monitoring and health assessment of the elderly in a smart environment (RO-SmartAgeing);
  • Clinically-validated INtegrated Support for Assistive Care and Lifestyle Improvement: the Human Link (vINCI);
  • Open Science (OS) and Research Data Management (RDM) Innovative and Distributed Training Programme – TrainRDM;
  • Interreg Europe: Delivery of Innovative solutions for Home Care by strengthening quadruple helix cooperation in regional innovation chains;
  • IT System for RFID-Based Traceability in agro-food sector in connection with a Digital Business Eco-System;
  • Using Big Data technologies in government information systems;
  • Strategy and methods to stimulate the promotion of research results and new tools for the development of the RDI market;
  • Preservation and Capitalization of Romanian Literary Patrimony by Means of Intelligent Digital Solutions for Data Mining and Knowledge Systematisation (INTELLIT);
  • Models and tools for assessing the acceptance and use of online social networks;
  • Study about data communications security in smart environments;
  • Study about security technologies and solutions with application in Internet-of-Things;
  • Study about multimodal technologies integration for mobile services securing;
  • Study on the possibilities of planning radio frequencies for digital broadcasting;
  • Study on the introduction of DVB-T2 (in Romania);
  • Study on the evolution of the ”Digital Radio Mondial” system, DRM. Perspectives;
  • Energy efficient technologies and architectures for NGN communication networks;
  • Study on the technical aspects of 5G mobile communications networks;
  • Study on the application at national level of 5G technologies, support for the development of digital services - technologies, architectures, performance;
  • New 5G architecture for connectivity, mobility and interoperability in ultra-dense wireless networks;
  • Integrated adaptive system for monitoring and coordinating of pedestrian crossing points.