Center for Development / Training in Forensics and Interinstitutional Cooperation

Created in 2018, the Center brings together all types of state-of-the-art equipment and software, allowing IT experts, investigators and/or lawyers to work collaboratively and carry out activities related to the field of computer forensics.


  • development of a collaborative platform for specialists in "Digital Forensics";
  • identifying the training needs of Romanian forensics experts present on the collaborative platform;
  • development of the course curriculum based on the needs identified following the interrogation of the specialists present on the platform;
  • increasing the available resources that digital forensics specialists can use;
  • analysis of reference hardware / software architectures in the spectrum of digital crime;
  • development of applications dedicated to both the "desktop" and the "mobile" environment;
  • detailed examination of the models of commercial applications running on the different existing platforms;
  • in-depth study of techniques and methods of data acquisition and analysis;
  • elaboration of advanced data acquisition and analysis algorithms;
  • testing the vulnerabilities of operating systems (as well as proprietary applications);
  • development and maintenance of a database (proprietary system) containing viral bodies used by the main cyber-attacks carried out recently;
  • development of IT audit applications;
  • development of mobile solutions used in information audit and / or data recovery;
  • improving the techniques for collecting, analyzing and reporting the data contained by computing units, social platforms, mobile devices, documents and images, audio-video files, as well as all types of memory capable of storing information;
  • customization, both at operating system level and at application level, of the technological flows involved in the processes related to digital crime and the cyber field.

Areas of expertise:

  • Forensic investigation of computers;
  • Forensic investigation of mobile devices;
  • Forensic investigation of data transiting a computer network;
  • Forensic investigation of data stored in "cloud" structures;
  • Forensic investigation of socialization applications (instant customers).