ICI Bucharest

ICI Bucharest's participation in Banking 4.0 Spring Edition

Adrian-Victor Vevera, General Director of The National Institute for Research & Development in Informatics - ICI Bucharest , was a speaker at the Banking 4.0 Spring Edition event.

This edition was dedicated to the impact of blockchain technology on the digital economy and took place on May 23, 2023, at STUP, in Bucharest, a space developed by Banca Transilvania, dedicated to supporting the entrepreneurial community.

"In 2016, we started discussing blockchain and the application of this technology in the government area with the creation of the European Blockchain Center of Excellence. Subsequently, we implemented the first EBSI node, the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure, a network of distributed nodes at the European level providing cross-border public services, to improve how European citizens interact with government authorities and the business environment. Then we built a marketplace that we thought favored and supported all public institutions so that they could promote their national, historical, and regional symbols. Using applications developed through distributed technologies can increase the quality of governance and improve the relationship between institutions and citizens. Thus, we try to be the link between public authorities, the area of distributed technologies, and the entrepreneurial part of the ecosystem in the area of this type of marketplace." said Adrian-Victor Vevera, general director of ICI Bucharest.

The conference was especially aimed at people interested in the digital transformation process (especially payments), digital asset legislation, security and digital identity in Web 3.0, start-up projects using blockchain technology and, last but not least, investment opportunities in NFTs and other digital asset classes.