ICI Bucharest

ICI Bucharest present at the Business Magazin Gala "Top Young Managers 2024"

ICI Bucharest was present at the Business Magazin Young Managers 2024 - Rising Stars Gala, organized by Business Magazin on Thursday, June 27, 2024, to celebrate young managers who stood out through exceptional performance and significant contributions in their field of activity.

The "Top Young Managers" gala brought together leaders from various industries, offering valuable opportunities for networking and knowledge exchange. During the event, the catalogue 100 TOP YOUNG MANAGERS was launched, now in its 19th edition, highlighting 100 young managers, entrepreneurs or employees who already lead or are the future leaders of businesses in Romania.

ICI Bucharest's participation in this event reflects its commitment to supporting managerial excellence and encouraging innovation and professional development in the IT sector and beyond. The representatives of the institute actively participated in the discussion sessions on the importance of digitization and technological innovation in the modern business environment. In addition, possibilities of collaboration were explored in order to develop innovative projects to support the digital transformation of Romania.