ICI Bucharest

ICI Bucharest participated in the BSDA 2023 Conference

ICI Bucharest participated today, November 16, 2023, at the BSDA 2023 Conference, which took place at the National Military Circle. The theme of this edition was "Security & Safety Challenges in the Never Ending Environment Changes & Advancing Technologies".

Adrian-Victor Vevera, general director of ICI Bucharest, participated in the "Order, Safety & Cybersecurity" panel, emphasising: "Our entire society depends on the protection of critical infrastructures. Implementing advanced cyber security measures and constant monitoring are essential to prevent internal and external threats to these critical national security infrastructures. Through advanced research, development of innovative solutions and close collaboration with authorities and the private sector, we can deliver leading cyber security technologies and strategies to ensure the resilience of defence systems.”

The BSDA 2023 conference brought together government officials, leaders and experts from the defence industry, addressing pressing issues and challenges in this field and analysing the impact of new threats and geopolitical realities. The event encourages collaboration, knowledge sharing and partnership development to strengthen the defence industry and military capabilities.