ICI Bucharest

ICI Bucharest continues to inform and educate organizations regarding HPC

On the 15th of December 2021, the National Institute for Research-Development in Informatics – ICI Bucharest, has organized an online training through NCC Romania, together with three other competence centers within the EuroCC framework – NCC Netherlands, NCC Cyprus, and NCC Montenegro.

The event was dedicated to both HPC interested organizations and students who are eager to learn relevant information about the benefits and advantages of HPC technology in their area of activity and interest.

During the first session of the training, representatives of The Cyprus Institute gave an introduction to High Performance Computing explaining the current and future European landscape. He also went into details about how one can remotely connect to an HPC system and discussed the idea of module systems and scheduling systems. Furthermore, he discussed parallelization models which are very common in HPC programming, he started with a shared memory programming model, namely OpenMP, and then he talked about distributed memory paradigms using the Message Passing Interface.

The second session of the HPC Training Event included hands-on exercises in the supercomputing systems at SURF, The Netherlands. During this part, every participant received temporary credentials to access the systems of SURF, so that it was possible to experience how to work in a supercomputer.

Context: Within the European-funded project "National Competence Centers in the Framework of EuroHPC" (eurohpc-ju.europa.eu), ICI Bucharest laid the foundations of the Romanian National Competence Center - RoNCC in the field of HPC - High Performance Computing - Infrastructure. The Romanian HPC Center aims to create a network of competencies in HPC and will operate as an interface to facilitate access to resources and capabilities in this field, both in Romania and in Europe, through the EuroCC network. In this manner, the Center will provide valuable resources for public institutions in Romania, educational institutions, users and providers of IT services, and other interested entities.