ICI Bucharest

ICI Bucharest continues its mission to familiarize the Romanian audience with the notion of HPC - High Performance Computing

The National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics - ICI Bucharest organized yesterday, March 16th 2022, the event "Fostering sustainable Agriculture through HPC - High Performance Computing and AI".

The aim of the session was to familiarize the audience with the use of HPC in agriculture and rural development, by sharing case studies and best practices, the presentations being delivered by specialists from Montenegro (University of Donja Gorica), Spain (Oracle), Norway ( DigiFarm), Portugal (University of Évora) and Romania (The University of Craiova and ClusterPower).

The event was aimed at existing or potential users of HPC, HPDA (High Performance Data Analysis) and AI (Artificial Intelligence), both in the private sector (SMEs, start-ups) and in the public sector (universities, public administration, research institutions and others), whose projects and activities fall within the spectrum of agriculture.

The topics covered at the webinar were various, including "AI/HPC & use cases in agriculture", "HPC for agriculture: Oracle perspective", "Automatic delineation of agricultural field boundaries using high-resolution satellite imagery ", " Refactoring and acceleration of software in supercomputers” to „Agriculture 4.0 - A new AI powered agricultural revolution”.

Context: The National Institute for Research - Development in Informatics - ICI Bucharest operates as a Center of Competence within the EuroCC project - "European National Competence Centers in the framework of EuroHPC". Through this center, a network of competencies in HPC is created that will operate as an interface to facilitate access to resources and capabilities in this field, both in Romania and in Europe (through the EuroCC network). Thus, the center provides valuable resources for Romanian users in the private sector and industry, for public institutions, educational and research institutions, users and providers of IT services, as well as other interested entities.