Blockchain Services & Development Laboratory – BSDEL

Blockchain Services & Development Laboratory – BSDEL

Blockchain is one of future’s technology with the fastest rising in popularity, its use in different activities and domains ensuring significant benefits such as security, transparency, traceability and cost reduction. The opportunities for development using the blockchain technology could be in many key sectors of activity such as energy, economy, real estate, government and health.

The main activity of BSDEL – Blockchain Services & Development Laboratory involves the design, analysis and implementation of intelligent digital solutions based on Blockchain & Distributed Ledgers (DLT). Its mission is to facilitate the adoption and integration of new technological standards, speeding up the transition to a new generation of digital services.

The main objectives of BSDEL are:

  • Development of innovative solutions based on the newest blockchain technologies, concerning cases which involve digital identities, data sharing, validation and checking of documents;
  • Supporting the interoperability and collaboration between public and private entities in order to develop the national and international Blockchain community;
  • Research and development of new architectures and innovative solutions for the public sector;
  • Proposals for solutions and modern infrastructures in order to digitalise the public sector;
  • Financing opportunities valorisation, contributing to accelerate the digitalisation and modernisation of the Romanian society.

BSDEL’s team comprises experts in the area of digital transformation, cyber security and shared architectures from the National Institute for Research & Development in Informatics – ICI Bucharest, contributing to the expansion of the Blockchain community and developing nationwide the technical expertise of this technology.