Services based on Blockchain technologies

Servicii bazate pe tehnologii Blockchain

The National Institute for Research - Development in Informatics - ICI Bucharest, has started Research - Development - Innovation activities in the field of Blockchain technology, Asset Tokenization and Trading Ecosystems since 2018.

The services based on Blockchain technologies provided by ICI Bucharest are developed based on in-depth research studies of emerging technologies, understanding the complexity and advantages that these technologies bring in various fields of activity, such as: e-medicine, education, transport, legal, finance, business, governmental and much more.

The main mission of the National Institute for Research - Development in Informatics - ICI Bucharest in the field of services based on Blockchain technologies, is to support the emerging ecosystem by developing new products/services necessary for innovation in Romania. Beyond its mission of research and development of applied solutions, ICI Bucharest conducts education and training programs for people with leadership positions, such as online courses, workshops and conferences on Blockchain.

Ongoing Blockchain projects and partnerships:

  • Since 2021: ICI Bucharest operates in Romania the first EBSI node - European Blockchain Services Infrastructure, a network of nodes distributed at European level that provides cross-border public services, in order to improve the interaction of European citizens with government authorities and the business environment.
    • Main areas of application of EBSI:
      • Notarization: The power of Blockchain technology is harnessed to create reliable digital audit modalities to automate compliance checks and prove the data integrity.
      • Diplomas: European citizens gain digital control of their educational credentials, significantly reducing verification costs and improving confidence in the authenticity of documents.
      • Sovereign identity: EBSI contributes to the implementation of a new model of self-sovereign identity in Europe, allowing users to create and manage their own identity across borders.
      • Reliable data sharing: Blockchain technology is used to securely share data (e.g. VAT identification numbers, IOSS and import them into a one-stop shop) between customs and tax authorities in the European Union.
  • Since 2021: ICI Bucharest partnership and - the first decentralized digital identity platform in Romania.
    • The partnership of ICI Bucharest and facilitates the interaction between individuals and legal entities with government institutions, such as ministries, public administrations, national research and development institutes, etc., with the help of Blockchain technology and e-DID (Electronic Decentralized Identification) ecosystem;
    • Based on digital credentials that validate certain identification elements, issued on the digital identity platform, users will be able to instantly present and verify a wide variety of credentials, such as personal data, professional attestations, employment certificates, but also vaccination certificates or Covid-19 test results, very important in the current context.
    • Online courses in English for education and training in Blockchain technology for people with leadership position - eMBA level (executive MBA);
    • Proof of Concept for storing and identifying the diplomas of the course participants on Blockchain;
    • International partners: Old Dominion University (United States), Modex (Romania, United Kingdom, Gibraltar, Monaco), (Romania, United States), IOTA (Germany), Action4Value (Switzerland, Germany), Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration - WU Vienna (Austria);
    • Link:
  • From 2018 - ongoing: ECEB - European Center for Excellence in Blockchain
    • International conferences and working groups, on the research of the phenomenon of decentralized technologies and their implementation in the governmental environment and public administration;
    • ECEB and ICI Bucharest partnerships: Old Dominion University (United States of America), EURISC Foundation (Romania), IF Idea Factory (Romania);
    • Participation and co-organizer of the "Romania Blockchain Summit 2019";
    • Participation and co-organizer of the "Critical Infrastructure Protection Forum 2019".