ICI Bucharest

International Internet Day

The contributions of ICI Bucharest to the introduction of the Internet in Romania:

1992 – The setting up of the first IP local register in Romania aiming at the IP address assignment for the Internet users from Romania, in collaboration with RIPE from Amsterdam. Making the connection to European Academic and Research Network – EARN (the first leased line of international communication between ICI Bucharest and the University of Vienna at the speed of 9,6 kbps) and the setting up of the ROEARN node at ICI Bucharest.

1993 – Connecting the first users from the country to ROEARN (universities, research institutes). The official registration of “.ro” domain at IANA (Internet Assignment Numbers Authority) on the 26th of February. The deployment of the first primary nameserver for “.ro” domain (roearn.ici.ro). The deployment of a dial-up access point at ICI Bucharest for connecting a much greater number of users to Internet, through SLIP and PPP protocols.

1994 – Contracting the design, development and implementation of the Romanian National Computer Network for Scientific Research and Technological Development (RNC). ICI Bucharest – RNC becomes a founding member of CEENet (Central and Eastern European Networking Association).

1995 – Implementing the first satellite uplink in Romania at the speed of 64 kbps, between ICI Bucharest and University of Vienna, through the PHARE programme.

1996 – Deployment of an optical fibre land connection, in October, for the first time in Romania, between Bucharest (ICI Bucharest) and Budapest, used for connection to Europanet network, through the PHARE multinational programme.

2000 – Deployment of the first satellite uplink with the speed of 2 Mbps between ICI Bucharest and Loral Cyberstar, New York, SUA, in March, making it the highest speed of a satellite uplink in Romania.

The setting up of the international connection node of Romania at EARN in 1992, having also TCP/IP connection to Internet access, represented the moment of Romania’s involvement, through ICI Bucharest, in the provision of electronic communication services towards the research community from Romania. Starting 1992, ICI Bucharest has been the main Internet service provider from Romania and has had the highest connection speed on the international line.