ICI Bucharest

ICI Bucharest launches the virtual space to centralize proposals in the field of distributed technologies

The National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics (ICI Bucharest) launched the virtual space to centralize proposals in distributed technologies. The email address to which interested parties can send suggestions to be submitted to the Commission for regulations on distributed technologies is dlt@ici.ro.

"We are honored to be actively involved in updating legislation in distributed technologies. Considering the fact that the basis of the development of any society is a series of infrastructures that allow the proper functioning of the society at an economic level, we proposed to collect the suggestions received in order to be able to formulate relevant legislative solutions, necessary for the creation of a National System of Evidence of Issuers and Digital Assets. These recommendations will be centralized and subsequently presented to the Commission so that the regulations do not face implementation challenges." said Adrian Victor Vevera, General Director of ICI Bucharest.

Background: The Commission for regulations in the distributed technologies field consists of representatives from ICI Bucharest representatives, the Ministry of Finance, and the National Agency for Fiscal Administration. Representatives of the National Bank of Romania and the Financial Supervisory Authority participate in its work as permanent guests. At the same time, the General Director of ICI Bucharest coordinates the Commission.