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“Eliminating the Bureaucracy for Citizens’ Benefit, through e-Governance and Innovation”, Second Edition

The Association for Development of Information Society – ADSI together with the National Institute for Research-Development in Informatics – ICI Bucharest have organized on November 8, 2016, at ICI Bucharest headquarters at 8-10, Mareşal Alexandru Averescu Blvd, “Mihai Drăgănescu” room the national debate “Eliminating the Bureaucracy for Citizens’ Advantage, through e-Governance and Innovation”, Second Edition.

The debate brought together around 100 participants, mainly experts and representatives of public administration bodies, of the business sector and civil society. The main objective was to create a vision of inter-institutional coordination aiming to draft and implement strategies and policies in an integrated manner and in accordance with the Government Programme, facilitated by the current level of development in information and communications technology.

The event was organized as a continuation of the debate that took place last April, on “Chief Information Innovation Office for Eliminating Bureaucracy in Romania, for Citizen’s Advantage”. As a result of the previous debate, the Government has established, for the first time in Romania, the position of Chief Information Officer at the Prime Minister’s Office to coordinate implementation of interoperability for public administration systems. Establishing the CIO position at Government level is only a first step for developing an efficient administration, that works for the benefit of citizens, to eliminate bureaucracy, reduce corruption and budget spending, with effects in the economic growth. Therefore, in the second event, there were addressed issues concerning introduction of the CIO position at local authorities level, along with use of broadband and free access to digital signature / identity technologies for all citizens.

The conference was attended by Prof. Reinhard Posch PhD – Chief Information Officer of the Federal Government of Austria, who outlined the procedures adopted by Digital Austria 15 years ago, so that any document issued by a public authority would be “originally” digital while all the paper-based printed versions would be copies of it. The effect of introducing electronic documents as “originals” and eliminating paper documents is to increase effectiveness and efficiency of public administration, reduce bureaucracy, budget spending and breaches for corruption in central and local administrations and, boost economic growth.

Among the topics discussed there were: improvement and innovation of operational processes in the public administration, for the benefit of citizens, using the most appropriate developments in IT&C, including broadband connections, electronic identity and qualified electronic signature technologies; introducing identity card with electronic identity and signature, for all citizens; securing accountability in public administration activities by using electronic identity and signature.

The event was organized with the support of Concord Communications – PR & Event and AGORA IT&C publications Group. Partners of the event were: DigiSign, Power Backup, Elo Digial Office, ANSSI and the following NGOs have supported the event: Employers Association for Software and Services Industry – ANIS, Romanian Association for Electronic and Software Industry – ARIES, Romanian Association for Ensuring Information Security – ARASEC, National Foundation of Young Managers – FNTM, National Association of Internet Service Providers in Romania – ANISP.

Presentations during the “Eliminating the Bureaucracy for Citizens’ Advantage, through e-Governance and Innovation” event:

ANCOM – Virgil Stănciulescu, Chief Information Network Administration Office

ICI Bucharest – Prof. dr. Ing. Gheorghe-Decebal Popescu, General Manager

DigiSing – Camelia-Elena Neculai

ELO – Daniela Liţă

Prof. Reinhard Posch PhD – Chief Information Officer of the Federal Government of Austria

Constantin Teodorescu – former Secretary of State, Ministry of Communications and Information Society